5 Simple Design Tips to Beautify Your Home

You can breathe a new lease of light into your home with some creative ideas. These creative but simple ideas don’t need any major changes. It’s as easy as decorating the entrance with beautiful artwork, upholstering the bedroom, using the right lighting or setting a centerpiece in a living room. Check out a few quirky tips for every space in your home.
1. Decorate the Entrance
Add botanical plants- You can give a high visual appeal with tall interior plants such as Ficus or Dragon Tree could be an ideal choice. And if you want to add a natural touch to the entry, decorative vases with fresh flowers are sure to leave a stunning first impression of your space.
Welcome with art- Whether it’s a large canvas or a framed photographed gallery, an attractive art piece in the entryway will be a gesture for your guests.
2. Overhaul the Bedroom
Treat with a global accent- If you’re looking for a perfect getaway, decor inspired by global accents will not let you leave home. In order to do a complete overhaul, purchase a new duvet cover and pillows and treat yourself the best.
Change headboard color- For introducing a different palette to your room, coat your existing headboard with a new paint color. This way you can add a  unique contrast against the wall. All you need is to play with the patterns.
3. Illuminate the Living Room
Choose right lighting- Living room is a space where decor accents signify style. And the right lighting in a living room is what highlights the decor. A statement pendant over your center table can help draw a real focal point and it is really one of the simple ideas to refresh your living room. To control the mood, add a dimmer switch. You can even light up the best features of your living room with the help of beautiful lamps and candles. It will illuminate a brighter side of your living room.
Spruce the space with a rug- An area rug can simply alter the look of your room. In case you’ve got a small space, a striped rug calls in pattern and color. You can place a rug in the middle of space for adding warmth and coziness to the larger area.
4. Craft the Kitchen with love
Bring in a color splash- Introduce bright stools, presenting colorful dishes in open shelving and fun kitchen art helps to spruce up space to a great extent.
Give classic vision- Copper pans can give a touch of classic visions to your mundane kitchen routine. So, make sure to put them on display if you follow suit and pick some up.
5. Dining Room Makeover
Use a centerpiece- Just add a centerpiece to the table to bring that life and color in your dining room. While a vase of seasonal flowers, a bunch of candle holders can completely transform the look and feel of your dining room.
Transform the dining seating style- If you are expert in mix and match of the dining seating, you don’t need to invest in a brand new dining table. A round table is suitable for different style chairs, while a rectangular one is good to keep with bench and chair combo.
Chester Hills brings such creative home decor tips regularly to uplift the living experience of our readers and apartment owners.
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